Search and Rescue Training 2018

Searches can sometimes cover a large area and last for several days. A large pool of trained bushwalkers allows for more thorough coverage and less fatigue. There are roles requiring different levels of fitness and skill, so any bushwalker is likely to be able to contribute. Get involved, and one day you may play a part in someone's safe return to their family.

FMR usually runs a search and rescue training weekend each year. This year, we will run an evening information session, followed by a one day training exercise.

Information session   Tuesday evening 15 May

You can attend the practical even if you missed the information session. The session covered

Callout procedures

Administration of a search base: choosing a site, equipment, what jobs need doing and how they are normally allocated, paperwork, briefings & debriefings

Radio communications

Search tactics

A checklist for members of a Field Party

Practical   Sunday 27 May from 8:00 am

The location of the exercise will be divulged in the days just before, as part of a call-out drill. It will be close to Brisbane, but the scenario will imagine a more remote location. You will be contacted to ask your availability, given whatever information is known at that stage, and initially put on standby. Later you will be called out to attend Sunday morning.

On the day, a search base will be set up, and people will be assigned to base or field party roles. After a briefing, the field parties will set off on their assignments. Later arrivals will be briefed and tasked as they come.

At the end of the exercise, after debriefing, we will retire to a café (hopefully with the missing person in tow.)

Bring your usual day trip gear, the map that will be emailed to you, compass (and GPS if you have one).

If you are not already on the FMR mailing list and would like to participate, email