GPS Navigation Training

Sunday, 12 August 2018. Meet at 7:45am for a 8:00am start (expected to finish around 2:00 pm).

(yes, you missed it - but watch this space for next time)


Whites Hill reserve Camp Hill - an area of 170 hectares of open eucalypt forest with a small area of dry rain forest.


Jade Street Camp Hill, opposite the end of Spinel Street (Lat/Long  (decimal degrees): -27.503780°, 153.082590°).


  • Pack for an easy day walk, do bring water and lunch. The exercise will involve track and limited off track walking.
  • If you have a GPS device, please bring it. If you do not have one then still attend, as you will be able to team up with someone who has one.


This training is aimed at bushwalkers who wish to gain basic/intermediate experience navigating using a GPS device. Topics covered will include:

  • Terms used in GPS navigation
  • Setting up a GPS (Datums and map grids)
  • Establishing waypoints
  • Navigating with waypoint/routes

To Nominate

Please send an email to with subject GPS Navigation to nominate for this activity.