Response Coordinators Contact List

Navigation training at White's Hill Reserve.


Please do not hesitate to call 000 if you have a lost walker emergency.

FMR is able to offer general guidance in situations that have not escalated to emergency status yet, via our experienced Response Coordinators in the list below.

If immediate callout is not appropriate, members can be put on alert to expedite a callout if it becomes necessary later. If so, this would be coordinated by Qld Police via 000.

Start at the top of the list below and go down until one person answers the telephone. Expect some of these people to be away (bushwalking) at weekends. The person contacted will advise on any involvement of FMR personnel.

Name Home Work Mobile
Rob Manthey 0408 004 208
Doug McDonald 3395 1367 0428 462 950
Peter Rollings 3287 6837 0419 665 812 0448 817 575
Judy Moody-Stuart 3206 8787 0408 874 315

updated May 2024