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FMR offers regular training activities, at near cost, to adult financial members of BWQ-affiliated clubs.  These are those not marked "for FMR members only" in the descriptions below. Please add these to your club's program.  Bookings essential.

Click here for details of the 2016/17 training program. 

For more information, email Andy at fmrqld@gmail.com


Tue 29 Nov

18:30 (tbc)

Visit QGAir for 8 FMR members only. Filling fast, email Doug.

Archerfield Aerodrome.  (The visit is contingent on QGAir not being tasked on the night.)

Sun 27 Nov

7 am

Advanced Abseil for 6 FMR members only. Email Anne

Kangaroo Point cliffs

Tue 6 Dec


FMR Christmas Training  Buy your own. Email Peter.

Pineapple Hotel. 

Sun 22 Jan


Glasshouse Mts for 8 FMR members only. 

Familiarisation (tba)

Tue 07 Feb

18:30 (tbc)

Visit QGAir for 8 FMR members only.

Archerfield Aerodrome.  (Contingent on QGAir not being tasked on the night.)

Sun 12 Mar


Basic Navigation   $5. BYO compass 

Venue tba.



Providing psychological support Help survivors, rescuers, friends and family to keep going. Half-day. Free. 

Venue tba.

Tue 28 Feb

19:00 (tbc)

Advanced Navigation  Digital mapping software, GPS 

Venue tba

21-22 May


Search and Rescue Weekend.  Workshops and exercises. Camping and instruction fees approx $30. 

Venue tba

3-4 Jun


SRT Weekend Single Rope Technique. Ropes, karabiners, descenders, ascenders, anchors, knots, abseiling, prusiking, advanced abseiling (crossing knots and self-rescue). Camping & instruction fees approx $50. 

Toowoomba area

8-10 Sept


BWQ Pilgrimage


Tues 19 Sept


FMR Annual General Meeting




 This calendar is under construction.  Dates and venues will firm in the near future.