Programme for 2021

FMR offers regular training activities, at near-cost, to adult financial members of BWQ-affiliated clubs.  These are marked "Member: BWQ Club" in the descriptions below. Please add these to your club's program.  Bookings essential.

For more information, email Secretary at


Date Activity Member Limit Cost Contact
Feb 28 Basic Navigation - map and compass BWQ Club 15 free Peter Rollings
Mar 28 Advanced Navigation - digital devices BWQ Club 15 free Doug McDonald
April 18 Beginners' Abseil BWQ Club 15 $5 Rob Manthey, Doug McDonald
June 13 Search and Rescue survey BWQ Club 10 free Peter Rollings
July 17 Cliff Safety - Kangaroo Pt Nursery Cliffs BWQ Club 15 $25 Phil Box

Planning (TBC):

Date Activity Member Limit Cost Contact
May 16? First Aid Refresher BWQ Club 12 $2 TBD
August tba Search and Rescue Training BWQ Club 30 $5 Email
Winter Location familiarisation - East Barney Falls FMR TBD TBD TBD
Winter Location familiarisation - Mt Lindesay
Depends on condition of the trail as at the time
Spring Basic Navigation - map and compass BWQ Club 15 free TBD
Any season Visit to QGAir - Details to be announced FMR TBD TBD TBD
Any season Operating an incorporated association in Queensland
(Links to on-line resources will be provided)
Nov AGM FMR/Public TBD free Doug McDonald